Nine Miles High

by Nine Miles High

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Gary's writing was becoming darker and heavier as he became frustrated and angry with the popular song format and how this related to 'success'. Gary wanted to explore rock music, not chart success. The final releases from Nine Miles High contained epic & dynamic pieces full of killer riffs and unpredictable song structures like 'Windfarms', 'Fly The White Flag of War' and '200% Beef'. There was an offering to the pop world, but with no compromise, in 'Psyche Killer' and 'Scram Switch'. The band had a fair amount of label interest at this time and were often advised by A&R reps to be less complicated and focus on writing singles but as is evident from this progressive & interesting material, Gary did not listen.


released August 1, 2006

All songs written by Gary Clinton. Recorded by Neil McNaught @ Split Level Studio's. Mixed & produced by Neil McNaught & Gary Clinton. Guitars & vocals: Gary Clinton. Guitars & backing vox: Nico Adie. Bass: Andrew Wilson. Drums: Stuart Penketh



all rights reserved


Gary Clinton Linlithgow, UK || Gary is an internationally recognised songwriter & guitarist. Music licensed for US TV & Tony Hawk Ride Channel

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Track Name: As A Dry Observer
Leave me where you find me
We’re gonna be ripped from the seams
of space and time
Make the airports more exciting, silver jumpsuits
A skyway to the stars
But now it's gone too far, now this has gone too far

Fossil fuels run out are we well prepared?
Ubiquitous mass media means nobody cares
Toxins in our air the temper amental weather
We’d cry ourselves to sleep as a dry observer
Track Name: Psyche Killer
A world where green and blue are not mortal enemy
They’ve taken anger from our Psyche
‘It’s the children this saves, they’re exposed, now with shields’
But it’s chemicals imposed by the government

I won’t remember anything
Does mind control techniques, make clockwork oranges?

They fix our heads until we’re caged inside
Helpless floating like a seed from the land.
And they’re the wind.
Did they line us up like MURDERERS?
They knew everything about our identity

But we won’t remember anything
Track Name: Scram Switch
We won’t stop drinking all night long, another trip to the town.
Girls drinking sweet alcoholic drink, it gets them
wasted as hell.

Hit the scram switch, to make your nose itch, you pop pills at full tilt.
And what do you crave?

To pop pills

and binge drink

Do the Super-Tennants, Buckfast combo,
more Jack Daniels and fuckin coke

My head is in a grinder, my heart is beating faster,
I’m falling into passers b y
Track Name: Windfarms
All hail metric time as different rule
That runs away, that runs away from you.
The ice caps are melting in the rising heat
Coastal cities submerged in 50 years
Drown in the water, drown with your family, drown in the water, drown with me.

I'm sick but I'm alive for your love which feels like a windfarm
Crystal clear and pure
Track Name: In The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King
Wish you could see me like I am,
Not in the Spotlight.
Lost hope, direction and control?
After tragedy there is hope.

You really need to leave me alone
I’m getting pretty sick of this baby
In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king

It’s sad to see things growing old,
The dancers dance we’ve got to go.
I think I will drink myself away,
Out of the spotlight.

You really need to leave me alone
I’m getting pretty sick of this baby
In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king

I’m really scared of dying alone
I found a fracture in the timeline
Alone I can try to find

Somewhere to lose this mind
Track Name: Fly The White Flag Of War
It looked better as the mining villages
Energy is building like a virus that's
Consuming everything in its path
Cars packed back to back
Fuck this it's soulless.

Radiation glow from the dome
Gridlocked one way boulevard
Overspill. Exotically coloured tree's and carts
Concrete helter-skelter
Track Name: The Ultraviolet Spectrum
Do you need another pill?
Are you teething?
Round familiar roads you find that the stories have been led astray
In the strangest way

Have you finally lost control?
Your mind is thick and throwing memories
And you're on your knees
Think what you miss
When you feel like this

I'm losing my mind I'm breaking out
Not wasting my time not fucking around
Way out in the town drinking buckfast
Can wait to get to the little red room.

I can't wait to meet you.